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Just a little additional info on our females, studs we use & litters:
All of our very well bred females are AKC Hunt test titled & AKC Certified Canine Good Citizens & FULLY HEALTH TESTED! 

We NEVER breed our females before the age of two years old, this is when they can get their final health testing through the OFA for hips & elbows!
Anyone breeding their Labradors before two years old is a non reputable breeder!

Health tested…All of my current breeding females are CERTIFIED OFA CHIC (they just had their updated cardiac exam and will be sent to OFA).

The pictures shown are directly from the OFA website of our girls health testing (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals) of the required genetic testing required to get their OFA CHIC number.
Click on pictures to see enlarged.

They have also been additionally genetically tested CLEAR on the Labrador Retriever panel including Dilute CLEAR through PawPrint Genetics, they are NON carriers of the many diseases Labradors can carry! 
These can be seen on their website.

Studs…We take great pride in our breeding program, and only breed our females to very well bred titled studs with great temperaments like our females, with the same health testing to insure we only produce healthy well bred puppies! 
We have/will travel to numerous states away just to bred to a quality stud, we have been breeding to these standards since 2001!

Pedigrees…Our females & studs used have proven titled pedigrees for many generations to produce puppies with high trainability-that can be great family companions, hunting partners, service dogs and do competitions! 

See our planned litters page on this website to and our girls page to see their pedigrees.

Litters…We go far & beyond to raise our well bred puppies to the highest standards as seen in the hundreds of videos/pictures of our litters on our Facebook page:

They are raised in a home like environment, not in a kennel & exposed to everything to make them confident happy puppies with no fear of loud noises!

They have three puppy play-yards with numerous obstacles to teach them confidence (see our Facebook page).

No body raises litters like we do!

Important…We are NOT a kennel our girls are our personal family dogs, hunting partners & hunt test competitors!

Amy Avery-Owner/ Operator since 2001

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