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The above map is shaded with the states we currently have puppies in, including Canada!
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•Mazie and Kasey 2014 litter: My male Tucker is making 80 yard blind retrieves with the ability to stop and correct the directions and he marks doubles with ease at only 8 months old has amazing drive and always eager to please. He is also amazing with my two children. James Stewart, VA

•Mazie and Kasey 2014 litter: I have a female pup from the first breeding of these 2 really nice dogs. My pup is  on walking fetch now an doing great. She very trainable , eager to please. and very birdy .  We love her Amy. Thank you for your great work at matching the right dogs to produce an all round labrador. Peggy Ramsey, NC

•Sugar & FC Sam Litter:   I really wish I could get another pup from Sugar, I couldn't be happier with Lucy. She has been the easiest puppy that I have EVER had! She has a ton of go (lots of speed for her size), VERY intelligent, trainable, alert, enthusiastic, fun-loving pup that is EXTREMELY affectionate (if she isn't working she wants to snuggle.) She has matured exceptionally fast in regards to her temperament and her ability to put concepts together on her own. Not to mention she is pretty darn cute too! Would highly recommend Amy Avery if you are looking for a field trial or hunt test prospect or Family Companion!!  S. Zigler, MN

•Sugar & FC Sam Litter:   Tealy Mae is doing awesome!  Thank you so much for giving us such a great pup.  We get tons of compliments on how well she behaves and how much she looks like a TV commercial puppy.  She is extremely smart and learns quickly.  She is obsessed with the water and LOVES to swim.   We can’t wait to watch her grow. K.King, NC

•Sugar & FC Sam Litter:  Amy, Sully is doing great, He is really smart and we are working with a trainer. A. Woolf, TN

•Sugar & FC Sam Litter: Maggie is very smart and doing great! She loves to swim and a great family companion!W. Jones, VA

•Damien & Glory Litter:  Holly is growing everyday!  She weighed in at 15 lbs yesterday at her regular 
visit!  She was the star of the waiting room and knew it.  We then proceeded to a small organic feed do store and she was equally enthusiastically received there!  She will have her photo made with Santa and I will send a copy to you! 
She is amazing in every way! Thank you for the opportunity to have such a treasured companion!  Have a great day!Jane Bolton   

•Damien & Glory Litter:  Luke is doing absolutely fabulous!!!! No more pottying indoors….. he can “sit”, “stays” pretty well, retrieving dummies at 40 yards consistently!!! And he’s only 8 weeks old! Everyone … including the vet… is amazed at how smart and well behaved he is. I have even had him do some short “blind” retrieves…and on the other side of vehicles etc. Steven Kesler  
•Bodie & Glory Litter:   Amy, we haven't talked in a while but just wanted you to know that Chip is doing AWESOME. He is a bit spoiled but is truly a member of our family. He goes to doggie day care a couple of days a week and they have pool day. Here's a link to a short video. He's the Lab with the white collar. He does remind me of Bodie. Thanks for breeding such a smart and loving dog.
 •Damien & Glory litter:   Amy, "Splash"  Peaks AKS Whishin We'll  received her AKC Master Hunter title at  2 1/2 years old, Renee Hager  

•Amy, We are building A new home and I want A companion for our boy Gunner. He is one of your pups from Katie & FC AFC Small Craft Advisory litter. So some time next year(2014) when we get settled I will contact you to get on A list. Gunner is A outstanding dog and the most lovable dog I have ever had in my 60 years. The way you raise your pups is amazing. Hope to talk to you soon. Paul Rudder, NC
•Damien & Glory Litter:  Hey Amy!  Remi is doing wonderful! We recently just moved to TX because of Brian's job, they have wonderful dog parks around and one in our actual apartment complex which is great! Brian has been training him- people we see are so shocked when they see how small he is (6 months old) because he is so smart! He also has become such a water dog--we take him to the creek every weekend!  But anyway, thank you so much for bringing such joy in our lives- we love him so much he is like our little child and he is such an amazing and smart dog! We get compliments every time we go out of the house!! Have a great day! Allie  
•Damien & Glory Litter: Josie is a wonderful pet & family companion. David Brannan & Family  

•Damien & Glory Litter:  We love our boy Remy, we are so happy that we found you, he is so smart and loves everyone and is calm in the house and loves to retrieve and great with the kids. Thank you so much!  Sarah H. & Family  Damien & Glory Litter: Major is doing GREAT and is in training for hunting and hunt tests!. Michael A. 
 •Damien & Glory Litter:  Amy:  "MIA" is a wonderful little girl. Anyone that has called me lately about Chocolates I've sent them your way. MIA has a wonderful personality.  Auggie Argabright  

•Damien & Glory Litter:  Hi Amy Wanted to send you some pics of Bunny, she is doing Great. Smart girl. She really got big, you may remember she was the smallest pup of the littler but man she took off growing. I have been doing a lot of obedience training with her and worked with her on e-collar, she also has been introduced to water and loves it. :)  She is on her way to TN next month for training, going to try and make her a Derby Girl :) I think she has what it takes, I will keep you posted. Thanks Charlie Palmer  

•I have owned TWO chocolate female Labradors from AKS kennels. Both dogs have been a joy to know. Great temperament around all other breeds, strangers and kids. Quick learners, strong swimmers combined with good blind manners and a desire to retrieve cripples and long range knock downs time after time, these dogs are everything a water fowler could ask for. Regardless if your looking for a gentle companion at home or a retrieving machine you can have both with an Amy Avery dog.  Highly recommend!  Dean Johnson


•Bodie & Glory Litter: Amy, I am so pleased with my pup Beau that I got from you. He is a Bodie & Glory pup. Beau is a water loving retrieving machine. He is just over 8 months now and is retrieving everything from ducks to large geese. He has even been on a couple Pheasant and Quail hunts. By far the best dog I have ever owned, we are working on getting ready for some hunt tests this spring. Thanks for the excellent breeding of such a wonderful dog!  David McKinney


•AKS'S Lawrence's Chester is one of the smartest hunting dogs I've ever owned. When I picked him up he was already retrieving. Chester is not only my hunting partner but my best friend. I never go in the swamp or field without him. AKS kennels is one of the best kennels for quality hunting dogs and companions around. Lawrence Pipkin


•I currently own TWO black Labs from Amy, Danny from the breeding of FC AFC Rebel X Dazey MH and Missy from the breeding of FC AFC Little Man X Katie SH, they are the best companions and hunting partners anyone could ask for! Charles K.


•I have one of Amys Pups from A litter in Spring Of 2011 Father was FC AFC small craft advisory the dam was Amys Katie SH .My pup Gunner is A very special dog. The best I ever had and I have owned outstanding labs.I highly recomend AKS kennels. Thanks Amy and Merry Christmas to You and your family. PS give Katie A hug from Me and Gunner. Paul Rudar
•I got a black female from them last November and she is an absolute sweetheart. I had her retrieving within the first few days of bringing her home. Dan
•Katie SH & FC AFC Little Man litter, Jag is the best dog I have ever owned -Brian Dunbar TX
•Glory & Damien Litter:  Huxley is our first dog and he is the greatest gift we could have ever gotten, he is smart, loves to retrieve and sleeps with us at night, Thank you for breeding such quality labs, I recommend your kennel to everyone, Jamie & April lamoreaux OH
•Shadow is our black lab companion we got from you in 2008, the sire was Drake and the mom was katie, he loves to retrieve and swim and listens very we'll, he is such a great dog he loves everybody, we recommend Amy for your next lab puppy, R & C Willis
•Glory & Damien Litter: Amy, we got Missy from you last year and she is a absolute joy to have, smart, great friend to our son, and just over all the best, we are so blessed to have found you and your great Labs, C. Suit
•Katie & Bodie Litter, I can't say enough about Tenely. She's loving, great with my children, healthy, cuddly enough for me but active enough to entertain the kids.She came to me kennel/crate trained and I've had no problems kenneling her while I'm at work. She doesn't bark and picks up on commands quickly. She's become a member of our family and everyone who meets her absolutely loves her, Tish Dillon, SC
•Glory & Damien Litter, Hi Amy, Just writing to let you know that Junior has settled in nicely, he is very smart and already goes to the door to go potty ,you did a great job introducing your litters to the crate, he does not wine or cry, we will send pictures when he gets alittle older, Thanks again for letting us get one of your great pups and will tell everyone about you, Billy H.
•Damien & Glory litter,"Taz" has his Junior hunter title and running Master hunter setups at a year old, this really speaks for the trainability of this breeding, I recommend people to Amy when she has litters!  R. Reese-Damiens Owner
•Glory & Damien Litter: Hi Amy, Just emailing you to let you know that Sam is showing to be a very smart boy, we had him sitting, laying and coming when called at 10 wks old, and he's getting better everyday, he is doing great with birds and marks, he loves wings and feathers, and great with my children, will keep in contact when we start hunt tests with him this spring, thanks again for the great pup, J. Goodsman & family
•Katie & Bodie Litter: He is settling in well - he now whines when he needs to go potty, even at night, so one of us can take him out.  He has already learned to sit on command!  We had family pictures done yesterday and Andrew (our 7 year old) had several taken with the puppy as well.  Thanks for the follow up - hope everything is going well for you! Chris Jones 

•Bodie & Katie Litter:  Hey Amy, sorry its taken me a while to get back to you, I've been really busy with school starting back up and wanted to wait until I took her to the vet again. I ended up naming her Porter, and she's been great. She lets me know every time she needs to go out and we've gotten pretty far with her introductory training. She recently discovered she has a voice and can bark, but that hasn't been a big problem. Also, your introducing to her to her crate has been incredibly helpful - she hasn't had an accident yet and it's nice to have her already comfortable in there. I took her to the vet today and she weighed 13 pounds 9 ounces, so she's been growing quickly. Everything checked out great. Once I get a few good pictures of her together I'll send them your way. Dylan Denslow
•Bodie & Glory Litter: Duke went on his first hunting trip this weekend and all I can say is WOW, he is only 8 months old and retrieved 12 ducks, 3 were cripples and two were blind retrieves, me and my friends were so immpressed. He is the smartest dog I have ever had and he is great with our kids and a great house dog! S. Sutterman
•Bodie & Glory Litter: Hi Ms. Amy, giving you an up-date on Mia, she is so sweet and smart, she went through obedience and retrieving school and the trainer said she was so easy to train and super smart. She was hunted this season and done a wonder job, Mark said she retrieved all the birds and was great in the blind, we look forward to getting her hunt test titles this spring, thank you for breeding great dogs and we tell everyone about you. Terry ~ FL
•Bodie & Glory Litter: Shelia is doing great, she is our boat and house companion and she loves the water, she is so great with our grand kids, she loves to retrieve her toys and is just so loving, we are so happy we found you and will recommend you to anyone looking a great we'll bred Labrador. P & Rich Kelly
Hunt Test Passes & Titles:
Damien & Glory 6-14- 2010 litter, "Splash"  Peaks AKS Whishin We'll has her  Master Hunter title at  2 1/2 years old, Peak Preformance Labs
Damien & Glory 6-14-2010 litter, "Hannah" AKS Hannah Grace Be Kertenis has her Junior & Senior hunter titles, Kertenis Family
Damien & Glory 10-15-2011 litter,"Taz"  RWR's Hot Chocolate Damiens Lil Devil has his Junior hunter title and running Master hunter setups at a year old, R. Reese
Katie SH & FC AFC Little Man Litter,  
Doc Tee's The Trouble With Lil' Tribbles MH (titled Master Hunter)  
AKS'S WEBBEDFOOT-FRIENDLY MH (titled Master Hunter before the age of 2)
Dazey MH & FC AFC Rebel with a cause litter,
AKS's Carolina Rebel Daze, MH (titled Master Hunter) 
SHR Ravenwood's Miss Tess JH (UKC Started title and AKC Junior title)
HR River Ridges Smiley Trout SH (UKC Hunting Retriever title, AKC Senior Title, Master Passes)
AKS's Geraci's Blonde Stranger JH (Titled AKC Junior hunter)
Dazey MH & Rebel JH litter,
AKS's D&R's Drake CGC SH
Dazey MH & FC Black River's Big Ol' Truck litter,
HRCH Ravenwood's Miss Moneypenny MH (UKC titled Hunting Retriever Champion, AKC Master Hunter and Qualifing placements)
Dazey MH & FC AFC Implied Consent litter,
HRCH Woodman's Holliday, MH  (UKC titled Hunting Retriever Champion, AKC Master Hunter before the age of 2)
Dazey MH X FC Finn Litter,
Cash SH (titled AKC Junior Hunter & Senior Hunter)
Tealy JH (titled AKC Junior Hunter)
More Coming Soon!

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