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Our Breeding Program

➡️ See our Facebook page to see how we raise our litters and read our Five star client reviews!     Click on the Facebook link at the bottom of this page!

➡️See our picture gallery at the bottom of this page and also see our Facebook page for hundreds of pictures & videos of our dogs & litters!
🛑We do not allow visitors here while we have unvaccinated newborn litters or pregnant females. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for details.

Since 1998 AKS’s Water-Bound Retrievers, have taken something which started as a passion and turned it into a professional breeding program in 2001.
➡️We currently have pups all over the USA & Canada! See the colored map at the bottom of this page to see the current states we have happy puppy families in.

•Firstly, we breed our Labradors to have friendly dispositions and fit in seamlessly as incredible family pets!  We breed responsibly and according to the best practices of the trade, which makes us your go-to address to find your next Labrador.

➡️IMPORTANT: We are not a kennel & do not have a facility, we are home based and our females are our family companions, hunting partners & hunt test competitors! They are our house companions, have a fenced in yard and acreage to run and not kept in a kennel!

•Also, one of our other goals at AKS Labrador Retrievers is to produce the total retriever-hunting partner with proven titled pedigrees for many generations, good looks, intelligence, train-ability, have a strong desire to retrieve, marking ability, structurally and genetically sound and have that wonderful lovable Labrador Retriever temperament, BUT that can also just be exceptional family companions for the next 10-14 plus years! 

➡️ 90% of our puppies go to just family homes!

•Our program is geared towards QUAILTY not QUANTITY! We are not a "puppy mill" we only produce 4-8 litters a year of ONLY Yellow, Black & Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. (We in no way support the breeding of silvers!!).

•Our puppies are not “cheap” backyard-type breeding's which includes “silvers”!!

➡️ The price of a AKS puppy depends on the stud used, pedigrees & titles the sire & dam have. Prices “generally” start at $1550 for AKC Limited Registration and go UP in price depending on the breeding pair. Full registration is more in cost, please contact us prior to making a holding fee reservation if full registration is wanted with your new AKS puppy.

(See our AKC Registration page for details on the difference between registrations).

➡️ Our prices reflect on the fact that we take great pride in producing high quality puppies!

•Daily contact and stimulation is important to the neurological development of young puppies, therefore, each one is handled extensively, this is call early neurological stimulation and starts at birth. 
All of our litters we use Early Canine Neurological Stimulation starting at birth! 

•Pups go home at 8 weeks old having:

➡️Dew Claw removed

➡️Receive first shots and wormed

➡️Vet certified statement of health before going to there new homes

➡️AKC Paperwork 

➡️Bag of puppy food

➡️well socialized

➡️Introduced to LOUD noises daily (Radio Played 24/7, Vacuum Cleaner, Cap Pistol and MANY MORE everyday noises)! *** 

➡️Please see our Professional whelping area & puppy play yard pictures at the bottom of this page. Also see our Facebook page for lots of videos of our past litters.


•It is impossible to state that any given dog will be completely free of a genetic imperfection. In our breeding program we try very hard to research the backgrounds of the sires and dams and any litters they may have produced. Only then, when we are satisfied that these animals are sound, do we breed. We feel that by adhering to these standards we are cutting down the odds of producing a defective pup or litter. Therefore, we offer a 26 month guarantee, providing the purchaser complies with the agreement. 



•We request that you use "AKS's" or "AKS" in your pup's AKC registered name, Example: ➡️AKS's Dazey Mae

➡️Water-bound Lucy of AKS 

➡️AKS’s Lovin the Game 

•All litters whelped at AKS Labradors will be AKC registered. 

New puppy buyers choice: 

AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding rights)


AKC Full Registration (breeding rights).

•If Full Registration is wanted with your new puppy please contact me (Amy Avery) before making a deposit

(full registration is more in cost generally

$300-$500 additional to the Limited Registration price depending on litter).


•We accept NON-REFUNDABLE holding fee to guarantee your pick on any litter prior to confirmation that the breeding has been successful.

➡️ if the sex or color of puppy of your choice is not available the holding fee can be refunded or transferred to another one of our future litters.

➡️ the holding fee is ONLY refundable if the breeding does not take.

Priority for pick of puppy is determined by the order in which the holding fees are received. 

All pups leave in the order the holding fees were received at 8 week old pickup.



• All of our females here at AKS Labradors are friendly out going family companions.

We ONLY bred our females:

➡️hopefully have obtained a AKC Hunt Test title
➡️after they get there certified health clearances (OFA HIPS & ELBOWS, CERF, CNM & EIC Tested). 
➡️are proven to have great dispositions-and pass there Canine Good Citizen test (CGC).  

•Click on the links below to read about the importance of having these clearances on ALL breeding stock, if you come across a litter that does not, "run...don't walk away"!  


•Tested for through PawPrint Genetics:

CNM (Labrador Centronuclear Myopathy)

•EIC: (Excise Induced Collapse) 

➡️ ALL of our females and stud dogs used here at AKS Labradors are AKC Hunt test competitors  hunted on all game animals: Waterfowl, Upland game, Squirrel, Rabbit, Deer blood trailing if needed.

BUT are calm loving family companions with GREAT temperaments. 

➡️We do not own any of the studs we use with our females, they are not on site, please contact the stud owners for additional information, this info is located on our upcoming breedings page.


We are not a kennel/facility, we are home based and on a very strict protocol!!
‼️We do not allow visitors here while we have newborn unvaccinated puppies on the ground or pregnant females‼️

I can not take any chances that someone may track something here that may harm the litter or transmit something to our pregnant females . 

I'm on a pretty strict protocol now with my litters, about 10 years ago I let visitors here and my litter got very sick, to find out they visited other breeders and visited other locations with dogs the same day they came here!

That simple visit almost costed me the whole litter. 

➡️ I post lots of pictures and videos of the pups on my 5 star/recommend Facebook page until they leave for there new homes 8 weeks old. 
➡️ALL puppy buyers will be scheduled to pick there own puppy in the order deposits were received on pickup weekend (8 weeks old).

If you want to meet my females, that is no problem as long as no pups are on the ground. 


I have plenty of references from puppy clients from all over the USA and CANADA, see my testimonials on my Facebook page & this website.

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